My articles

Here’s a list of my articles published on, the biggest French-speaking developer community. The articles are written in French, sorry about that…

  • Advanced tasks with XML serialization (28/07/2009)
    This tutorial is intended for persons who already master XML serialization. It deals with more complex concepts than the previous tutorial and exposes a few tricks to solve commonly encountered issues.
  • XML serialization with .NET (26/02/2009)
    This tutorial explains how to serialize and deserialize objects in XML, using the features included in the .NET Framework. It shows how to control very precisely the XML schema generated by the serialization.
  • Markup extensions in WPF (08/01/2009)
    This tutorials presents the concept of markup extensions, which allows to enrich the XAML syntax. Several commented examples will help you understand how to create you own markup extensions to meet all kinds of requirements. The last chapter explains how to deal with the problems you might face when using your own markup extensions in the WPF designer.